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Image by Clark Van Der Beken


Ms. Mack & The Daddies out of Austin, Texas are a ‘class act bringing soul back.’ With incredible musicians backing up one of the singularly greatest power house voices in the music industry today - it’s no wonder that as a fledgling group still working on producing their first/debut album - they were personally asked to open up for the iconic, legendary, genre-defying & Grammy-award-winning music group: Kool & The Gang in Austin in the spring of 2020.

Unfortunately, the work on & subsequent release of their debut album has been stalled at the moment due to the Covid crisis. But there is no doubt, when they can - they will be releasing one
fantastic compilation of mind-boggling talent as they breathe new & energized life into a community, a scene, a genre (at least one) and an industry ready and waiting for that ultimate combination: a uniquely powerful new voice encapsulated by a talented female leader with masterful stage presence and a clearly defined vision supported in copacetic congruence by incomparably exceptional musicianship.

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